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Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.
-Charlie Chaplin, actor, director, and composer (1889-1977)

Storytelling advice from Pixar

A writer at Pixar began tweeting advice on how to write great stories. The tweets have been compiled here.

Paths of Glory

Watch the entire film on youtube here.

Storytelling advice

Billy Wilder, one of the greatest filmmakers in history, offered these lessons for how to tell a compelling story.

The Return of the Silent Film

Of all the cinematic surprises of 2011, the renaissance of silent cinema was probably the hardest to see coming down the pike. When Harvey Weinstein enthused about a silent back-and-white film, starring two unknown French stars, which he’d just bought at Cannes, brother Bob suggested he check himself into a mental asylum. After it received a 15-minute standing ovation, The Artist was marked up by Oscarologists as the outside favorite to win best picture.

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The Film Camera is Dead

“We might as well call it: Cinema as we knew it is dead.

An article at the moviemaking technology website Creative Cow reports that the three major manufacturers of motion picture film cameras … have all ceased production of new cameras within the last year, and will only make digital movie cameras from now on.

What this means is that, even though purists may continue to shoot movies on film, film itself will may become increasingly hard to come by, use, develop and preserve. It also means that the film camera … will become to cinema what typewriters are to literature.”

Is this a bad thing? Matt Zoller Seitz doesn’t think so. Read why here.